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Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring professionals for concrete work means exceptional quality results that are fine-tuned to the requirements of the clients without any causes for concern. At Parks Concrete Service, we have made sure that the search for an ideal concrete contractor concludes with us, and on this page, we address a lot of the most common queries we have been asked over the years as a point of reference for new clients to help them decide if we fit all their requirements. However, we can even address their specific concerns and urge them to contact us for the same. Our offers and the customer service that we bring to the table are truly second to none across Greenville, SC.

What are the perks of concrete?

Concrete is incredibly durable, and it is fire resistant, cost-effective, and allows for significantly faster construction speed in comparison to other alternatives, such as masonry. It is incredibly energy efficient and versatile as a material and requires significantly less maintenance while also having the longest lifespan when it comes to construction materials. However, to get all these perks of concrete, ensuring that you hire the right concrete service provider is imperative.

Are you certified?

Yes. Not only are widely praised for our quality concrete service, but we are also certified as experts and are widely recommended by our clients. We make sure that we serve the customers who choose to hire us using the right tools and approaches that enable us to provide exceptional results.

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes. We offer unmatched results when it comes to concrete driveway installation, and to increase the confidence of our new clients, we are also bonded and backed by insurance. We thrive in the face of extreme adversity and are here to ensure that our customers are never disappointed or worried about the level of workmanship we will bring to the table, irrespective of the complications placed before us.

Do you offer warranties?

Yes. We offer warranties on all our services, including our concrete driveway construction offers. Clients can rely on us for truly exceptional results that are fine-tuned to accommodate their precise requirements without any deviations or oversight occurring throughout the planning and execution stages of the project.

How experienced are you?

Over the past three decades or thirty years, we have been the ideal choice for all things concrete for our community. Our workmanship, attention to detail, and the use of high-quality raw materials enabled us to stand out among the rest while prioritizing customer service.

We are confident that any clients who choose to go through this entire queries page will now have all the insights they need to safely determine if we fit their needs. However, to get some more details, we urge them to contact Parks Concrete Service at (864) 694-8968. Our customer service experts are looking forward to hearing from them and helping them with all the crucial details they desire. We are widely considered the ideal choice for any and all concrete projects across Greenville, SC.